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Firefighter’s last moments before he was found dead with co-worker revealed by his mother

The mother of a Georgia firefighter found dead in a car in Tennessee alongside a co-worker has revealed his final moments before he vanished, claiming he looked "very comfortable".

A desperate week-long search for Chandler Kuhbander and Raegan Anderson, both 24, was sparked after they disappeared on June 25. The pair were last seen leaving a Crunch gym parking lot.

The missing persons case ended in tragedy when the bodies of the duo, from Hinesville, were discovered inside Raegan's black 2017 Ford Focus a staggering 450 miles away from their last known whereabouts. Chandler's mom, Jane, who claims he had split up with Raegan after an allegedly "toxic" seven-year relationship before their disappearance, has viewed security footage of her son on the last day he was seen alive.

Jane claims the CCTV footage shows Raegan's car circling a mall where the Crunch Gym her son used is located. Chandler is then seen leaving the mall looking "comfortable", Jane says.

"At 11:40 my son walks out of the building and he looks very comfortable like he just had his workout," Jane told local ABC affiliate WJCL. She added: "He doesn't look rushed as he walks through the parking lot. After that, we don't see him again."

The authorities have yet to disclose any details regarding the cause of death or the state of the bodies. Jane alleged Raegan struggled with their recent breakup and was harassing her son. While the CCTV footage shows Chandler walking towards the car, Jane claims he wouldn't have left with Raegan out of his own free will.

He wouldn’t have wanted to leave," Jane told Court TV. "We believe that when she pulled up, it was a matter of duress, and he went with her to keep her from harming herself. She is not in her right mind," she added.

Jane claimed that Raegan had threatened suicide after their split. In a desperate Facebook appeal, she also alleged her son was "coerced" into disappearing.

She shared: "He is last known to have been coerced by a woman named Raegan Anderson. She is a danger to herself and he is believed to not be with her willingly! ! ! " Later, she clarified: "I want to clarify this situation. Raegan is not a bad person she is a great firefighter. she is lost, unstable and losing what she has known for 7 years. They were/are not good for each other. She is making bad decisions because of this."


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