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Guns stolen in Athens home invasion

By Joe Johnson

A 42-year-old man reported that armed intruders stole an AR-15 rifle and a 5-shot revolver during a robbery at his home on Pamela Drive.

He told police that that he and a friend were playing a video game when someone knocked on the front door, and upon answering a group of several males rushed in and fought and pepper sprayed him. The robbers reportedly found the firearms when ransacking the residence.

The victim was treated for injuries at the hospital, according to police.

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Does anyone else see the irony here. The gunowner was not the criminal here, yet his insistence on owning an AR-15, which he likely claimed was for his own protection, has ended up making Athens that much more dangerous.


I wonder if he had the serial numbers for those weapons in order to give to the police, along with proof of ownership. And, they didn't take anything else?


Replying to

The victims of the burglars?

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