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Athens woman terrorized by man wearing Michael Myers mask

By Joe Johnson

An Athens woman recently reported that someone wearing a Michael Myers mask chased her while brandishing a knife, according to an Athens-Clarke County police report.

The 40-year-old victim stated she was talking to another woman in front of Food Express on Nellie B Avenue at about 8:30 p.m. Thursday when a male emerged from a car parked next to them, wearing a mask of the villain in the popular Halloween slasher film series, according to the report.

As the male began to chase her with a large folding knife, the woman ran into the Union Store nearby and told the owner to call police, according to the report.

The owner showed an officer surveillance video footage, which captured images of the woman running into the store, but not of the suspect.

The woman told police she knew the male who chased her but could not remember his name, according to the report.

People who were standing outside the Union Store said they did not witness the incident.

A police officer drove the frightened woman to her home on North Peter Street, according to the report, which categorized the incident as an aggravated assault.

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