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School board to vote on acquiring Prince Ave. property for use as CCSD offices

Piedmont College at 595 Prince Ave. in Athens

The Clarke County Board of Education is scheduled to hold a vote at a called meeting tonight to enter into a lease/purchase agreement for the property currently housing Piedmont College offices on Prince Avenue. The property will be used for district offices.

The school district and BOE have been working to find adequate space to house district office staff, who currently work in multiple offices across several district-owned buildings in the county.

The current district offices, at the H. T. Edwards Learning Center, were created out of space intended for the Athens Community Career Academy (ACCA). The ACCA is currently undergoing renovations and much-needed expansion to serve high school students.

“We are excited by this decision, not only to consolidate and better manage district operations but, more importantly, provide additional programs and opportunities for students at ACCA,” said Charles Worthy, who chairs the BOE's property committee.

The district will enter into a lease/purchase agreement, with an intended occupation date of no earlier than January 2021.

“The district is utilizing funds set aside for administrative offices, so this decision will not impact other projects already approved by the board,” interim Schools Superintendent Xernona Thomas said. “We are appreciative to the board for their collaboration and support.”

According to school district Communications Manager Beth Moore, funding for lease payments and anticipated renovations will come from $2.8 million that was set aside from the sale of CCSD property on Mitchell Bridge Road several years ago. 

The potential purchase of the property would be added to the SPLOST VI project list, Moore said, and there may be some funding from SPLOST V, but that will depend on the remaining revenue collections for SPLOST V. This project will not impact the General Fund.

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