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I’m a progressive Democrat and I want tighter border control

By Richard Burt

And I am not alone. Recent polling shows 71 percent of registered voters think existing border control is insufficient, including 55 percent of Democrats and 82percent of Independents.

But polling also shows 76 percent of registered voters support Republicans and Democrats working together on reforms that strengthen our border security, while allowing a path to citizenship for Dreamers, and 71 percent feel welcoming newcomers into our communities is an American value.

Immigrants built this country and unless you are Native American, your family, like mine, has a story of passage and persistence. As a result, the vast majority of us welcome to this country people who follow the rules and qualify for citizenship under our laws.

This should not be a divisive issue.

But recent serious efforts for border reform have failed for naked political reasons.

In February, Senate Republicans blocked a bi-partisan effort for reform. In May, an even stronger bi-partisan measure with President Biden’s support appeared finally to be on its way to passage. But Donald Trump signaled he did not want the bill to succeed. The result? Senate Republicans again defeated it.

Why not pass laws that are clearly popular with most voters ?

Donald Trump wants to keep the issue alive to fan the flames of argument and division. His goal is to create fear and even hatred of “others” where we know such hatred does not exist.

Let’s not let Donald Trump convince us of something untrue. Let’s indeed develop clear and fair border security laws that reinforce our heritage and beliefs as Americans. Let’s not be led by false fears and dishonesty. Let’s defeat Donald Trump and his minions in November.

 Richard Burt is an Athens resident

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Interesting comments. Let's see where it goes.....

Good subject too!


Holly Crap, 3.5 years out of office !! This is completely and entirely on Biden. It must be hard being this ignorant

Replying to

Bless your heart. Are you blind to the gaslighting? 😂


Welcome to the world we live in !!

"A independent conservative"

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