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‘Baby Riley’ escorted home in Oconee County by deputies who saved him as a newborn

By Joe Johnson

A pair of Oconee County deputies six months ago went to the rescue of a baby that was experiencing a life-threatening premature birth and this week they were there when the infant came home from the hospital.

And for their actions that summer day, Deputy Robert Perrin and Sgt. Daniel Ellis have been honored by the Oconee County Sheriff's Office.

Everything unfolded on June 12 when Perrin and Ellis responded to a call that a woman had prematurely given birth and needed help, and upon arrival they found that the mother had partially given birth to a baby boy who didn't have a pulse and wasn't breathing.

The deputies performed CPR and kept the mother calm until EMS arrived to help and transport the newborn to the hospital.

"The quick actions of Deputy Perrin and Sgt. Ellis allowed time for Oconee Medical Responders and EMS to arrive on scene and transport the baby to the hospital," the Sheriff's Office said on its Facebook page. "Without their treatment it’s unknown if the baby would have survived."

On Wednesday, the Sheriff's Office said it had the "honor"of escorting the child home from the hospital.

"We are happy Baby Riley and his mother are doing well and back at home," the Sheriff's Office said

The agency gave Perrin and Ellis its Life Saving Award for their heroism.

Sheriff James Hale (r) with Deputy Perrin and Sgt. Ellis

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