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Police investigating apparent gang shootout near intersection north of downtown Athens.

By Joe Johnson

Police said they were investigating a possible shootout between gang members at an intersection north of downtown Athens.

According to Lt. Shaun Barnett, the incident occurred at about 11:45 p.m. Monday in the area of College Avenue and Strong Street, where officers responded to investigate 911 calls that reported guns were being fired.

No one was found to have been injured, Barnett said, but several unoccupied vehicles that were parked near the intersection, which is located just outside of Bethel Midtown Village, a known stronghold of the Bloods street gang, and officers collected from the scene bullet casings of different calibers, suggesting that there had been a shootout.

Also situated near the incident location is Hotel indigo

A police investigator confirmed that the incident likely was gang related.

There were no suspects and no arrests had been made as of Friday.

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