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Police to conduct New Year’s Eve vehicle checkpoints

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department will conduct vehicle checkpoints on New Year’s

Eve through the early hours of New Year’s Day. According to department policy, the checkpoint

is being publicized via social media and this press release.

“Traffic enforcement and education effectively reduce speeds and prevent crashes. As a new

year begins, we hope drivers will resolve to slow down, focus on driving, and not drive while

impaired,” said Sergeant Vincent Schill, a member of the ACCPD Traffic Unit and organizer of

the checkpoints. “We will also check for seatbelt use and properly installed car seats.”

Due to officer safety, the checkpoints' specific location(s) will not be announced. After the

operation, a media release and social media post will detail the activity. Also, during contact with drivers, officers will hand out an educational flyer with local statistics and address why ACCPD conducts vehicle checkpoints.

Additional ACC traffic data is available at our transparency website:

The commander of the Traffic Unit is Lt. Jay Butt, 762-400-7090,

and the checkpoint organizer is Sgt. Vincent Schill, 762-400-7092, .

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Samson Tiger
Samson Tiger
Dec 22, 2023

Thank you.


I've only seen one checkpoint in better than 3 years.


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