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Politics today is not normal

American politics today is not normal. It may be in the midst of a radical shift away from democratic rules and traditions that have guided our country for a very long time. An anti-democratic movement, inspired by Trump but much larger than him, is making progress. In the states this movement has already changed some laws with the aim of determining future election results. It has justified changes with blatantly false statements claiming that Biden did not win the 2020 election. This anti-democratic movement has encountered surprisingly little opposition. Most leading Republican politicians have either looked the other way or supported the anti-democratic movement. Republicans ousted Liz Cheney from a leadership position because she called out Trump’s lies. To counter this anti-democratic movement, it is important that citizens register to vote, check to make sure they haven’t been purged from voter rolls, make sure their information on file is correct and know the location of their voting precinct. Go to to take care of all of the aforementioned. It is going to take voters who believe in democracy and are uncomfortable with giving more power to elected officials involved with the anti-democratic movement determined to overturn election results to get us back to the democratic rules and traditions that have made the USA the envy of the free world. Make February the month you make sure you are ready to vote in 2022.

Peggy Perkins


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Every election is being stolen by corporations, foreign countries, big tech, oligarchs, and political grift on BOTH sides while we bicker about nonsense. All the theives laugh at us.


Feb 01, 2022

So are you saying it is the citizen's responsibility to register to vote, and to know the location of their voting precinct? No wonder you are upset.


What a load of rubbish! Trump fought tooth and nail from the moment he descended the stairs and made his announcement to run for President. Whoopie Goldberg even said on The View after he won the election from day one they would impeach him and they tried to... TWICE! They brought out Stormy Daniels which was before his Presidency (unlike Bill Clinton) then they had the Russia collusion hoax which has been proven to be initiated by none other than Hillary Clinton herself and Obama was even privy to the facts about it but none the less let her do as she pleased. Hillary had donations to the Clinton Foundation in a pay for play scam that wound up havin…

Replying to

That's a cheap lie you know that right? It's an excuse to paint patriotic supporters of Trump and conservatives in general look like they were run amok and trying to subvert the constitution which we all know is a lie. If it had in actuality been an insurrection, you can bet that there would have been a lot more bloodshed than there was. It was a protest that Democrats gnashed their teeth at because it was known by many that there were deeply suspicious circumstances that made Joe Biden win an election that he barely even tried to win. Thanks to Big Tech, the biased left wing mainstream media and the Democrats and their mail in ballots (cheating) along with…

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