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Request absentee ballots early to navigate obstacles to voting

Absentee voting is the preferred method for voters out of town, those without transportation, voters for whom leaving the home is difficult and great for those with caretaking responsibilities or other obligations that make it difficult to go to the polls. Any registered voter can cast an absentee ballot, but first you must apply.

The time to request an application for the May 24th Primary Election is NOW and the last day to submit a request is May 13th. At there is a link for an absentee ballot application to be printed, completed, mailed, faxed, emailed or hand-delivered to your local election office. Or call your elections office to request one be mailed to you.

The application requires a Georgia’s driver’s license number or a number from another state-issued photo ID. Those who don’t have either of the aforementioned can provide a copy of a bank statement, paycheck, current utility bill or any government document with the voter’s name and address. The voter may also send a copy of a government-issued photo ID like a passport. The same ID requirements apply when returning a completed absentee ballot. Go to for more information on voter IDs.

There are obstacles to overcome to vote this year which is why requesting an absentee ballot early gives voters more time to correct problems. Hurdles are in place because some failed to accept the true outcome of the 2020 election when citizens voted in droves to make their voices heard. Some think that if voting can be made a little more difficult, people won’t exercise their right to vote. The hope is that it will result in enough votes being shaved off for their party to win. Don’t let them be right. Register to vote, show up and vote!

Peggy Perkins


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