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Residents urge Athens-Clarke commissioners to approve redistricting map

Dear Commissioners of our beleaguered and beloved Athens,

You, each of you, are our heroes. With unfailing courage, intelligence and unity of purpose, you have, at great personal cost and sacrifice, dedicated yourselves single-mindedly to protecting our health and well being in this time of mass illness and death. Your leadership has been, and continues to be, indispensable. You have our grateful thanks for all that you have done and are doing to protect us and to guide us in meeting the challenges we face.

At times, there have, undoubtedly, been differences, even heartfelt differences, among you concerning the best way forward. That is inevitable. Yet you have consistently found ways to bridge those differences in the interest of working together to protect us, your friends and neighbors, in these extraordinarily dangerous times. We cannot survive without that continuing unity of purpose and leadership. Our community will be paralyzed and at the mercy of the forces that threaten our very survival if that unity is not achieved.

We ask you, once again, to bridge whatever differences may have existed and to unite in approving the redistricting maps so carefully and conscientiously prepared for your approval by Representative Spencer Frye. Our sincere thanks to Representative Frye, as well, for his success in preparing maps which meet the complex requirements of fair treatment of all of the members of the Athens community.

Please approve these maps today, so that you may, once again and with renewed energy and purpose, focus on the task of safeguarding our city.

You will be setting the example of unity so sorely needed by our city, our state and our nation.

Karen and Bruce Menke


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I know this is a parody, at least I hope it is, but to hear poor ole Russell Edwards on the radio sound so dejected is awesome. They had a chance to work this out on their own and couldn’t, so it was taken out of their hands. Now they have to deal with the consequences, and Russell will be out of a job. This is what arrogance gets you.

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