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Responsible parenting

The most consequential decision people make may be to have a child. Responsible parenting requires massive commitments of time and resources to the health and up-bringing of a child. There can be issues concerning whether a pregnancy will occur or if the much-desired pregnancy requires an intervention like in vitro fertilization.

Pregnancy places extraordinary demands on a woman’s body and may require constant weighing of risks to the health and even the life of a woman throughout pregnancy.

Pregnancies can result from acts of violence and abuse, like rape and incest.

The fetus may show serious abnormalities and not be viable. The pregnancy may end in a miscarriage.

A number of state legislatures have severely limited or prohibited the performance of abortions. The consequences: a ten-year-old raped and unable to get an abortion in her home state; women who have miscarriages accused of having abortions; women forced to wait for life-saving abortions until their lives are deemed adequately at risk for a physician to feel he or she can legally terminate the pregnancy.

Emboldened by these measures, some legislators now oppose IVF and even the use of contraception.

There is scant evidence these legislators understand the consequences of their actions. There is abundant evidence that the citizens of such states do, with a Niagara of ballot initiatives passed and pending to restore the right of women and their physicians to make vital personal decisions.

Having legislators who place our lives and well-being at risk is not preordained.

We have choices in November.

We should make them.

Bruce Menke


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It’s unfortunate some states, like Georgia, give women rights to their own body ONLY after their body has been violated. This is another reason why Georgia is a Cesspool. We can do better. People just have to stop voting against their own interests.


Thank you Bruce. Unfortunately many will not care, comprehend, or cite some convoluted quasi faith based dreck.

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