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School District announces hiring process for new Cedar Shoals principal

Clarke County Schools Superintendent Demon Means

This morning, Dr. Means sent a letter to the Cedar Shoals High community and shared this information:

Associate Principals Aaron Carter and Antonio Derricotte will serve as co-interim principals of Cedar Shoals effective Wednesday, October 30. Mr. Carter and Mr. Derricotte currently serve in leadership capacities that require them to provide great oversight to the school’s day-to-day operations. Mr. Carter has worked in education for twenty years, with the last twelve being at Cedar Shoals. He has been an assistant principal for five years.  Mr. Derricotte, in his third year at Cedar Shoals, is an eighteen-year education veteran with six years in administration. These two skilled leaders are well-positioned to assume this important role.
The co-interim principals were named in the wake of last week's announcement by Cedar Shoals Principal Derrick Maxwell that he was resigning effective Oct. 29 to take a position with another school district.

The school district on Wednesday released the following:


This document contains information about Clarke County School District’s (CCSD) process to select a new school principal.

School Governance

The state of Georgia requires school districts to utilize one of three governance models. The Clarke County School District became a charter system on July 1, 2016, and is one of 46 charter systems across the state. With the charter system model, school districts gain flexibility from most state laws and regulations in exchange for increased student achievement goals. Flexibility allows charter systems to use new strategies to meet the needs of their students. Charter systems must also maximize school-level governance through local school governance teams. The teams have a real voice in critical decisions

about their schools.

What is a Local School Governance Team?

A local school governance team is a group of parents/guardians, educators, and community members who work together to support student learning and well-being in their school. Their responsibilities include:

* Approve and monitor the school growth plan

* Participate in the principal hiring process by selecting finalists

* Provide input into key decisions including budget and personnel.

LSGTs also help create strategic initiatives tailored to the specific needs of their students, including:

*Summer and after-school enrichment programs

*Restorative justice and mindfulness programs to address students' behavioral and social-

emotional needs

* High-quality professional learning for teachers

* Workshops to help parents support their students' academic success and healthy development

Who serves on an LSGT?

LSGT members serve two-year terms except for students, who serve one-year terms. Members can serve two consecutive terms.

LSGT members include the principal; three elected parents or guardians; three elected teachers/staff; three community members selected by the LSGT; one student and two at-large members selected by the LSGT.


1. Staff Information Meeting: the superintendent and HR staff, meet with the school to discuss

the requirements for the position, and obtain input from teachers/staff.

2. Community Information Meeting: the superintendent and HR staff, meet with community

stakeholders to discuss the requirements for the position, and obtain input from teachers/staff.

3. Community Survey: a survey is posted on the district/school website to solicit input from

community stakeholders regarding the requirements for the position.

4. Principal Selection Team Formed: applications are accepted for stakeholders to serve on the

Principal Selection Team. This team joins the Local School Governance Team (LSGT) to participate

in the selection process. The LSGT decides if any members are to be added to the hiring


5. Candidate Screening Questions Compiled: input received from stakeholder meetings are used

as the basis for candidate screening questions.

6. Position Posted: the principal job position is posted. Note: for mid-year hires, the HR

department will keep the job labeled “open until filled” to collect the appropriate number of

qualified applicants.

a. During this process, an Interim Principal is selected by the Superintendent, and it

possible the interim serves to the end of the school year.

b. The pool of candidates for a mid-year opening is usually much lower than for a job

posted at the end of the school year. The HR department will keep the job “open” until

they determine a sufficient number of qualified applicants have applied.

7. Screening of Candidate Applications: the Principal Selection Team reviews candidate

applications to compile a list of candidates to interview.

8. Round 1 Interviews: round 1 interviews occur with the Principal Selection Team.

9. Round 2 Interviews: round 2 interviews occur with the District Level Finalist Team.

10. Hiring Recommendation: the Superintendent presents a hiring recommendation to the Board of Education.

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