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Search presses on for gang members responsible for death of Athens child

Dakious Rico Echols

By Joe Johnson

Federal agents have joined the seach for gang members who allegedly are responsible for the violent death of a 3-year-old Athens boy three days ago.

They are assisting officers with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department who have been relentlessly beating the bushes for suspects since late Friday afternoon when Kyron Zarco took a bullet to his heart as he was in the supposed safety of his home at the Hallmark Estates trailer park.

Kyron Zarco

It is believed that the bullets that tore into the home had been meant for a teenage gang member who was there. Instead, one of the projectiles fatally struck Zarco and another injured his 9-year-old brother who was sitting next to him on a couch as theywatched television.

The police department is being assisted by agents with the FBI's Safe Streets Task Force.

"We are utilizing every resource available," ACCPD Lt. Jody Thompson said.

The agents are with the FBI Safe Streets Task Force to which local detectives had already been attached and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is assisting.

The investigation has already resulted in the arrest of Julian Omar Cubillos, a purported member of EBE, the Everybody Eats gang.

Julian Omar Cubillos

Law enforcement continues searching for two of his alleged gang associates: Dakious Rico Echols,18, and Jayden Brown, 16.

All three suspects are believed to have fired guns into the home in the trailer park that's located off of Spring Valley Road.

The Clarke County Sheriff's Office had a photo of Echols on file from when he was booked into jail last year.

Even though Brown is wanted for murder, there's an apparent snag in publicly releasing his photo due to his being a juvenile.

Thompson remarked that members of the public had already been "very helpful" by phoning in tips to investigators.

Police have asked for anyone with information about the shooting to contact Detective Paul Johnson at 762-400-7060 or

A reward of up to $2,000 is offered for information that leads to an arrest , and tips can be anonymously provided over the Crime Stoppes confidential tip line at 706-705-4775,

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3 commentaires

Death penalty, please! Send a clear message to wannabe thugs.


Just a month ago, a warrant was issued for Brown for gun possession by a minor. The indecent occurred back in December. I guess his career started just about then. At 16 years old, he has a good start on his path to "career criminal."


I guess the parents of Jayden Brown did not give him "that talk" of which Moacha Johnson deemed so important. AND EVEN IF THEY DID, 16 YEARS OF AGE IS 16 YEARS TOO LATE.

Hopefully These boys will be captured soon without any others being injured. The police have a tough job wading thru the BS of what is the gangland culture. Nobody knows nothing and everyone is scared.

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