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Senators Perdue and Loeffler Need to Act Now!

More than 270,000 Georgians have tested positive for COVID-19. More than 5,600 Georgians have died. We do not have nearly enough testing. Thousands of Georgians have lost their jobs and health insurance and cannot afford food or to pay their rent or mortgage. Businesses are going bankrupt. Our state is forced to cut basic services, crucial for the health and welfare of all Georgians. Schools cannot safely hold in person classes.

And the U.S. Senate does nothing. It is not even meeting. Vital legislation passed by the US House languishes in the Senate while the whole country goes down in flames.

Where is Senator Perdue? Where is Senator Loeffler? Why are they not demanding that the Senate meet to urgently enact the crucial legislation needed to provide vital help to Georgia and Georgians and to save our country?

Western states are burning up with fires of unprecedented size and ferocity. Coastal states are being battered into oblivion by record making tropical storms. And the Senate is doing nothing.

Why are our Senators abandoning us in our time of greatest need?

Senator Perdue, we need you now! Senator Loeffler, where are you?

Why are you not doing your jobs?

Bruce Menke


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