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The Emporer in his new clothes is destroying democracy

In the classic tale by Hans Christian Andersen, two swindlers, posing as weavers, offer to supply the emperor with magnificent clothes that are invisible to those who are stupid or incompetent. The emperor hires them and they pretend to weave a suit and to dress the emperor. Everyone sees that the emperor is naked but pretends otherwise to avoid being thought fools. Finally, a child blurts out the obvious truth that the emperor is naked and everyone realizes that it is so but the emperor continues to strut, clothing-less, down the street.

The weavers and the emperor have arrived in America. They have woven the lies that there was massive fraud in the 2020 presidential election, that Joe Biden is not the President and that Donald Trump won the election. This transparent falsehood, created from whole cloth by the “emperor” who lost the election, is kept alive by those who see that this is a lie but who, fearing the emperor’s wrath, pretend that they do not.

When we blind ourselves to the truth before our eyes, we attack the heart of our democracy: public confidence in the integrity of our elections.

The myth of the stolen election is as transparently false as the emperor’s invisible suit.

If we allow them to do so, the emperor and his lie and those who pretend they do not see through it will destroy our democracy.

Bruce Menke


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Nov 23, 2021

Bruce Menke, very well stated👏🏽👏🏽

Replying to

He wrote a "story" without any facts. None whatsoever. Facts aren't important to Leftist Progs.


"When we blind ourselves to the truth before our eyes..." You won’t see any of this on CNN, MSNBA, ABC, etc. In fact if you search for “election fraud” or anything similar on YouTube, you won’t get any of these or anything similar. This information is coming from the initial source, not some filtered new agency:


Lawyer outlines multiple examples of illegal voting activity in Georgia


WATCH OAN's Jenn Pellegrino: Georgia poll watcher details irregularities during recount

Major Evidence Revealed During GA Hearing, Senate Subcommittee Votes To Audit Fulton County Ballots

Dominion Voting Machine Flaws -- 2020 Election Coffee County, Georgia Video 1

Dominion Voting Machine Flaws -- 2020 Election Coffee…


Patrick Cline
Patrick Cline
Nov 22, 2021

The narrative crumbles without Trump. Liberals ramble on about him and just can’t stop talking about him. You act like 70 million people are in lockstep saying Trump is still President! It’s your war drum. Say it enough times and it’s true, right? When will it end? It’s a minority group just like whatever Q-Anon was. Yes, Trump is your boogie man and you’ll never stop. The true allegory, The Emperor Has No Clothes, really applies to real people in power right now! I’ll start locally...Athens leadership, if you want to call them that, care nothing about real education, crime (the real racial disparity), or property owners (pay up and shut up). The leaders don’t see this...just like t…

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