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Trump will be taken down by D.C. insiders

It is never going to be the media or Democrats who take down Trump.  It is going to be rank-and-file civil servants and members of his inner circle who decide they don’t want to go up in flames or to prison.  And when one, then two, then three of them start testifying, the flood gates open.  As they are opening now.  This Ukraine scandal of using taxpayer money to pressure a foreign country to investigate POTUS’s political opponent has a whole different feeling of peril than anything prior.  Blood is in the water and Trump’s cronies and lackeys are deciding they don’t want to be chum.  Soon Congressional men and women are going to have to decide what and whom they fear most…their conscience, God or Trump.  In 2020, voters will decide whether they want to be represented by someone that chose Trump over conscience and God.

Peggy Perkins


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