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University of Georgia student critically injured by fallen tree during intense storm in Athens

Mia Corte

By Joe Johnson

A University of Georgia student was critically injured this week when a tree fell on her during a brief but intense storm.

Mia Corte was on East Campus Road near Field Street on Tuesday when the storm appeared to come out of nowhere and toppled the large tree that fell on her.

"Mia was actually sending a video to her boyfriend of how bad the storm was, and at 5:04, her phone died. So that was apparently the time the tree fell and landed on her," Bob Corte, the student’s father, told Fox 5 Atlanta.

UGA student Mia Corte is trapped under a tree that was toppled during a storm (Mandy King/Classic City News)

"She was under the tree for approximately 15 to 20 minutes before they could get everything off of her and out, “said Mia's mother, Rebecca Corte.

She suffered severe head trauma and extensive bodily injury and is recovering at Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

"Thank God the body and brain are resilient, and we are hopeful she is going to bounce back. She has moments when she is communicating great and moments when it's not so much. (She is in) a lot of pain, so she has a long road of healing and recovery," Rebecca Corte said.

The 20-year-old student recently completed her sophomore year at UGA, where she is majoring in communication sciences and disorders and plans to be an audiologist.

"She's a fighter. Yesterday, Neurology told her she has a long way, and she needs to take at least four to six weeks and do nothing, no classes. She says, ‘No I'm taking class online this summer,’" Rebecca Corte said. "We'll see, but she is resilient, very resilient."

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Izzy Mendalbaum
Izzy Mendalbaum
12. Mai 2023

We all are thinking the same thing. Such an innocent soul severly injured. Prayer works. Mia has mine.

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Praying, in the name of Christ, for Mia.

Gefällt mir
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