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UNLV mass shooter earned doctorate at UGA

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Anthony Polito

By Joe Johnson

The man who went on a mass-shooting rampage yesterday at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas had earned a doctorate degree from the University of Georgia.

According to his curriculum vitae, Anthony Polito was awarded a PhD in business management in 2022 by UGA's Terry College of Business.


The 67-year-old killer reportedly had been passed over for a position at UNLV prior to the campus shooting rampage in which three people were killed and another wounded. Polito was killed in a confrontation with police.

Polito is described in his CV as a semi-retired professor who at UGA was awarded a doctorate in the area of operations management.

His dissertation topic was A Study Regarding the Organizational Climate Prescribed by the Philosophy of W. Edwards Deming, according to the CV that is posted on his personal website.

Also prior to the mass shooting, Polito was said

to have been a professor at East Carolina and Duke universities.

The website included syllabi for his past courses but was largely a list of “Resources” with hundreds of links to sites related to his personal interests. While it included ordinary topics like “Travel” and “Shopping,” one section was devoted to “Powerful Organizations Bent on Global Domination!”

It included links to common conspiracy theory fodder like Freemasonry, the Trilateral Commission and The Rothschild Family.

George Soros, a common target for antisemitic conspiracy theories, is listed as one of the “Great Minds of the Twentieth Century,” alongside Albert Einstein and others.

Polito's website provided dozens of links related to Las Vegas and said he had made “more than two dozen trips to Vegas over the last fifteen years,” although it was not clear when the statement was originally posted. His resume lists a Las Vegas post office box as his mailing address.

At least two comments previously posted on his RateMyProfessors page from Polito's time at East Carolina University noted his interest in Las Vegas. “He’s great, we spent over 2 months just talking about Vegas,” stated one comment.

Student ratings were mostly positive, but also stated that his teaching style was “unconventional” and “unorthodox,” with a heavy focus on personal anecdotes.

In his personal biography Polito claimed to be a member of the high IQ society Mensa.

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Oh great.

Go Dawgs!

Seriously, what a POS. Thankfully he was put-down.


Paul Bunce
Paul Bunce
Dec 07, 2023

That would be the same management department which blackballed me as a PhD student many years earlier.

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