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Wells Fargo donates $25k to Athens shelter’s transitional housing program

Keonte Keith from Wells Fargo presents a symbolic check for the bank’s donation to Bigger Vision of Athens

Wells Fargo recently presented $25,000 to Bigger Vision of Athens to benefit the homeless shelter’s Abundant Life program.

The bank made the presentation at a ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating Bigger Vision’s recent reopening.

The contribution solidifies Wells Fargo as the program’s premier private sector partner.

Abundant Life provides vital support and resources to individuals experiencing homelessness.

The donated funds will be used to expand program capacity, provide essential services, and create opportunities for individuals to safely transition out of the shelter to sustainable housing.

"We are incredibly grateful for the generous support of Wells Fargo," Bigger Vision Executive Director Ryan Hersh said. "Their commitment to our Abundant Life program will make a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve, and we are honored to have them as our Premier Program Partner."

“We are proud to continue our support for Bigger Vision of Athens and their Abundant Life shelter program,” said bank vice president Kristina Christy. “Far too many people in Athens face housing instability…we are focused on making investments that have real local impact and help tackle societal challenges.”

While Wells Fargo's donation will be going towards improving the lives of individuals experiencing homelessness, it also significantly enhances the overall well-being of the community by helping provide folks with a concrete pathway for transitioning from shelter living to sustainable housing.

For more information about Bigger Vision of Athens and Abundant Life, visit

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