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Who Decides What Health Care You Get?

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Good news!

Republican state legislators have decided they are qualified to make health care decisions for Georgians under 18 who identify as transgender!

Republican legislators have decided to ban most gender-confirming surgeries and hormone replacement therapies for people under 18, even though more than a dozen studies of more than 30,000 transgender and gender-diverse young people show that access to gender-affirming care is associated with better mental health outcomes and that lack of such access to such care is associated with higher rates of suicidality, depression and self-harming behavior.

Congratulations to our new, self-declared experts in health care for transgender youth!

These same legislators have already decided they are qualified to make health care decisions for women.

We males can look forward to learning what health care decisions these experts will make for us.

A friendly tip: Get your vasectomy now!

How fortunate to have these experts in health care ready, willing and able to make our health care decisions!

"For information on how the Republican majority in the state legislature has also used redistricting to effectively limit voter choice throughout the state in the selection of state legislators and of members of Congress, please see the non-partisan Fair Districts Georgia website at: /

Bruce Menke


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5 Σχόλια

Patrick Cline
Patrick Cline
08 Μαρ 2023

Under 18? That is a minor and isn't the kind of decision a minor should be able to decide. It's rather permanent.. the damage of gender reassignment you're referring to. This isn't healthcare anymore so than if I demanded gills and fins to become a fish.

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I stopped reading at the word “transgender.”

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Άγνωστο μέλος
08 Μαρ 2023

"More than a dozen studies"

I'd bet everything in my wallet you have not read a single one of them and you have no idea how these studies were conducted.

People like you keep claiming that lack of access to "gender affirming health care" causes kids to commit suicide and also that the reason for the massive spike in transgender identifying children over the last decade is because it's now more socially acceptable and they are more comfortable "coming out of the closet"... If these things are true then why isn't there evidence of it throughout our history? If these massive numbers of trans kids always existed but we never knew because society didn't accept them and without "gender affirming…

Μου αρέσει

Bruce my best advice is to get them removed through the election process. Or move to another state that is run by liberals.

Μου αρέσει
08 Μαρ 2023
Απάντηση σε

Bruce moving from Georgia to libreal stare would elevate both!

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