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Word of the day: Accouter



Part of speech: verb

Origin: French, mid-16th century

Clothe or equip in something noticeable or impressive.

Examples of accouter in a sentence

"Will and his friends accoutered themselves with new hiking gear before the trip."

"The king decided to accouter himself in his finest velvet cape."

About Accouter

This word stems from the French “accoutrer,” originally from Old French “acoustrer,” from “a-” (from Latin “ad,” meaning “to, at”) and “cousture,” meaning “sewing.”

Did you Know?

“Accoutre” is a variant of “accouter.” Both are French loanwords meaning “to clothe or equip something noticeable or impressive.” A related word, “accoutrement,” refers to accessories or additional clothing items beyond a basic outfit.

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