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Athens armed robbery suspect tried to run down police officer with car

By Joe Johnson

The suspect in an armed robbery that happened two months ago at a westside Athens apartment complex was arrested last week after a car chase with police in which he allegedly tried to strike an officer with his car.

According to an Athens-Clarke County police official, the incident occurred the night of Jan. 12 when an officer with ACCPD's Gang Unit spotted a car being driven on West Broad Street by 31-year-old Dontavious D. Carruth and initiated a traffic stop because he knew warrants had been issued for Carruth's alleged involvement in an armed robbery at University Oaks apartments in November.

"Upon making contact with Mr. Carruth the officer ordered him from the vehicle informing him that he had outstanding warrants," Capt. Aubrey Epps said, "Mr. Carruth stated 'nope' and drove away on Sycamore Drive. "

According to Epps, the officer briefly pursued the suspect while other officers set up stop sticks on Sycamore Drive at West Broad Street, where Carruth drove toward one of the officers, causing the officer to dive to safety.

The car did drive over the stop sticks, however, and Carruth stopped his disabled vehicle at Beechaven Church across Broad Street, where he was taken into custody without further incident.

According to the police captain, a search of the car turned up a felony amount of marijuana, digital scales, and ammunition for a pistol.

He was subsequently charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, fleeing and attempting to elude, and motor vehicle law violations that included reckless driving and driving without proof of insurance.

Additionally, Carruth was served with warrants charging him with armed robbery and aggravated assault for the University Oaks incident

He is being detained without bail at the Clarke County Jail.

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Such a shame. He was just about to turn his life around and become a productive member of society. So sad.

Replying to

of course I don't want the death penalty for these crimes. I never said I did. I made an accurate reference to some incredibly strict countries that treat events like this as potential capital crimes. This young man will be incarcerated if he's lucky and he can turn his life around if he's even luckier. People who do not commit crimes and sarcastically point out the folly of these lifestyles are not showing privilege, they are showing disdain. As I am. As should you.


Not his fault, poverty made him do it. He will be out soon. See, it is just so simple. Pay folks not to steal...right...

Replying to

It'll be tough, but we both know it's been done before. Do your time, get your GED while you're in there if you need it. Find God. Live with family and work two menial jobs until you've saved enough to find a cheap place to live. Show up early, stay late. Don't do drugs. Don't impregnate anyone unless you have the intentions and the money to stay with her and the child. Drop all of your loser friends. Now this sounds almost impossible for a young man like Dontavious, but what other path is there? Will the Army take him? I doubt it. I've hired former criminals before and about half worked out. But I'd do it aga…


I am shocked that he was driving without insurance.


Break the key off in the lock and let his stinky cell become his forever home.


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For what? They didn’t prevent any crime from happening. The robbery happened over two months ago. He will be out in no time and doing the same things because prison isn’t rehab.

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