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Athens man pleads not guilty to domestic violence stabbing

Cordero Giovanny Pumadera

By Joe Johnson

An Athens man has pleaded not guilty to charges related to his arrest five months ago for stabbing his girlfriend while they were visiting Memorial Park.

Cordero Giovanny Pumadera, 37, pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault and aggravated battery for the stabbing that punctured one of Elizabeth Golem’s lungs.

The charges had been indicted under the Georgia Family Violence Act.

The incident happened on Jan. 31 during a dispute at the park on Gran Ellen Drive that escalated into violence in which Pumadera reportedly punched the victim to the ground, dragged by her hair and stabbed her once in her side.

At the time, the couple had lived together for several months on Glendale Heights.

Pumadera entered the pleas in his case during an appearance in Clarke County Superior Court.

He remains in pretrial detention without set bail at the county jail.

Anyone who is in an abusive relationship can seek advice and support services by calling Project Safe's 24-hour hotline at (706) 543-3331, or by visiting

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He has a long history of perpetrating family violence—-first arrested for it in 2013. He also has a “public indecency “ conviction in 2012. He is a career criminal —has Elder fraud and multiple convictions of forgery. Arrested a dozen times or more—yet he still walks among us.


Imagine what he did to her behind closed doors if this is how he behaved in public. He deserves two life sentences.


Gut him like a deer and let the buzzards eat.


If found guilty...... put the bastard in a hot cell and throw the key in the river.

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