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Filmmakers reveal dark secrets of Lake Lanier in new documentary

Local filmmakers, who previously made waves with the release of their horror film “Lanier,” are now diving into the depths of Lake Lanier’s mysterious past with an upcoming documentary.

Slated for release this summer, the documentary titled “Surviving Lake Lanier Vol. I” aims to explore the chilling history of the lake and the unfortunate incidents that have led to its haunted reputation.

Through a series of interviews with residents from Forsyth and neighboring counties, the film will delve into personal accounts of near-death experiences and other eerie happenings in the murky waters of Lake Lanier.

Co-director and producer William Bush-Anderson, alongside his wife, Cindy Kunz-Anderson, are at the helm of this project. 

“Their stories are definitely super intriguing,” Bush-Anderson told Forsyth County News. “It’s going to be interesting to hear how they survived and how it happened.” 

Although details on the documentary’s participants are under wraps, the film promises to shed light on various aspects of Lake Lanier, from its construction and the history of Oscarville to the persistent rumors that it’s built over a Native American burial ground.

Beyond the spine-tingling tales, the documentary will also examine the recurring drownings that cast a shadow over the lake every summer, probing into the ongoing debate over whether supernatural forces or human carelessness is to blame.

“I’m really excited about it,” Lambert Senior Davis Moody said. “I grew up going to Lake Lanier.”

The production team from “Lanier” has reconvened for this documentary and has already commenced filming after an extensive two-month pre-production phase. This documentary emerged from a desire to fill the gaps left by the fictional narrative of “Lanier,” aiming to present the authentic history and firsthand stories associated with the lake.

Projected for a July or August release, “Surviving Lake Lanier Vol. I” may kick-start a series, as the filmmakers express a keen interest in continuing to document the lake’s lore.

You can follow the progress on the Lanier Movie Facebook page, and anyone with Lake Lanier experiences is invited to share their stories by reaching out to the film crew at

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Laniers close proximity to ATL allows hordes of drunk and/or non swimming idjits to visit. There, problem explained. There's nothing super natural about people literally getting in over their heads.

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