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Hall County prosecutor indicted on two dozen felony charges

The Hall County Solicitor General has been indicted on two dozen charges of theft and false statements.

Attorney General Chris Carr announced Tuesday that Stephanie Woodard has been indicted on 11 counts of theft and 13 counts of false statements and writings.

According to Carr’s office, Woodard unlawfully acquired funds from Hall County and the Prosecuting Attorney’s Council of Georgia to cover personal expenses from July 2018 to Sept. 2022.

The indictment also alleges that Woodard got reimbursed for travel expenses she had already submitted or for travel that never happened.

“Those elected to uphold the law must operate honestly, ethically and transparently, and anything less undermines our system,” said Carr. “Theft of taxpayer dollars and falsifying documents to cover up that theft are entirely unacceptable. As with any case brought by our Public Integrity and White Collar Crime Unit, we follow the facts and evidence to ensure justice for the people of Georgia.”

The indictment contains multiple allegations, including that she claimed a meal at a local restaurant was an expense for abuse awareness and that a purchase on her P-card at Target was for a victim.

Woodard was appointed solicitor general for Hall County in 2008 by then-Gov. Sonny Purdue.

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Where is jruus? No comment for this criminal and her family? No making fun of her name?


Great photo.

Send her to a real prison. Those eyes will open even wider.

Replying to

Those eyes...


Did they drug test her? If not, maybe they should have. I despise a thief. Prosecute the heck outta her!

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