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Open letter to Sens. Cowsert and Ginn and Reps. Wiedower and Gaines on guns


The weapons of war designed solely and exclusively for mass killings in the shortest possible time are not the muzzle-loading flint locks referred to in the Second Amendment.

Through-out the history of this country, local and state governments have been found well within their rights under the Constitution to protect the health and well-being of their citizens by enacting common-sense measures concerning firearms to accomplish just that, with no obstacle imposed by the Second Amendment to doing so.

You are the first, and, hopefully, you will be the last generation of Georgia state legislators who choose to place the interests of gun manufacturers above your duty to protect your own constituents.

Some of you purport to be experts on firearms. But you are not.

 If you were, you would have long since understood the lethality of military style weapons and why they are a clear and present danger to all Americans.

But let me enlighten you. You can begin here:

Your refusal to protect Georgians from injury and death is not only irresponsible and reprehensible, it is inexcusable.

Your claim to  be "pro life" is a humorless joke.

You are responsible for the epidemic of gun violence which has made guns the largest killer of Georgia's children and teens and making Georgia into a state where literally no place is safe from gun violence. It is your attacks on the laws which existed and on those which are needed to protect Georgians that has made this massacre of Georgians possible.

The more than 600 mass shooting in our country to date this year are the legacy of attitudes and efforts like yours to prevent action to protect us from gun violence.

Indeed, you as responsible as those who obtain guns to harm their fellow Georgians. Because you have power to act effectively to stop it and you refuse to do so.

Bruce Menke


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