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Pedestrian shot from moving vehicle in west Athens

Homeless man shot from moving vehicle on west side of Athens, Ga.

By Joe Johnson

A pedestrian was wounded Tuesday night when someone shot him from a moving car in the 100 block of Hawthorne Avenue, according to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department.

Officers who responded to the incident at 11:30 p.m. located a 29-year-old homeless man who had been struck by gunfire, police said, adding that the victim was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

ACCPD’s public information officer, Lt. Shaun Barnett said investigators do not believe the shooter and victim knew each other.

“Initial investigation indicates that this incident was the result of a dispute between occupants of a vehicle and a pedestrian. It is believed there was some sort of confrontation over trash or litter,” Barnett said. “There was an argument between the pedestrian and the occupants of the vehicle. As the vehicle drove off, several shots were fired.”

Barnett said the victim described the shooter as a heavy-set Black female who was driving a silver four-door vehicle.

Police asked for anyone with information regarding this incident to contact Sgt. Scott Black at 762-400-7058 or

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So now we are down to shooting people when they litter? The shooter was probably same person that received bail last week for shooting wildly in public on Alps Rd.

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There are piles of trash at every street corner in Athens from where the homeless beg for money. Start paying them to clean up their own messes.

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I pay my taxes. That's what I do. I pay for state mental hospitals where these people should seek help. Addiction is a choice every time you decide to use. Mental health is a choice when you decide not to take your medication. There are literally hundreds of programs to help the less fortunate but it's a choice when they don't want to better themselves. Don't preach to me. I was with a meth addict for years who abused me. I finally got away from him & put myself through college at age 40. Life is all choices!!!!!

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