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Tara Baker murder suspect was convicted of assault with deadly weapon a month after the UGA law student’s 2001 death

By Joe Johnson

When 25-year-old Edrick Lamont Faust stabbed a man in the neck on Baxter Street, it was less than a month after he allegedly murdered Tara Baker on the other side of town on January 19, 2001.

Like the earlier victim, Baker had been stabbed, but also beaten, strangled, and sexually assaulted.

Faust would serve a year in prison for the stabbing while investigators began a decades-long investigation trying to find the person who killed the 23-year-old University of Georgia law student.

Authorities have yet to disclose how the Baker case was finally cracked.

Nevertheless, in the ensuing years, Faust went on to compile an extensive criminal record that includes crimes involving drugs, weapons and violence. According to the George Department of Corrections, he served four different prison terms beginning in 2001.

Now 48, Faust stands accused of Baker’s killing, charged with murder, arson, aggravated assault, and aggravated sodomy, among other crimes.

His most recent publicly-listed address was on Summerplace Drive in east Athens, less than two miles from where Baker had lived on Fawn Drive.

Faust was arrested as the result of a reinvigorated investigation launched last year by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Cold Case Unit partnered with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department.

The GBI said a press conference concerning the Baker case wil be held the coming days, with additional information to be released.

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Thank you Joe/CCN.

YES, an extensive criminal record.

His. Faust, whole existance is just a crime spree against humanity.

Gefällt mir

Good work GBI and ACC Police.

I am excited to hear more details.

As for Faust, he is a worthless POS who ( I am generous calling him a who) should be ground ln a meat grinder and fed to the Alligator at Memorial park.

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Antwort an

And thank you to Athens crime podcast…they were integral in making this arrest happen.

Gefällt mir

A whole lot of people are anxious to know the rest of this story. They, and many more are praying this nightmare has come to an end.

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Antwort an

I agree with you there. CJ solved this case for them.

Gefällt mir
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