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Athens man reports girlfriend robbed him of $4k at knifepoint

By Joe Johnson

An Athens man reported that his girlfriend robbed thousands of dollars from him at knifepoint as they were driving from her home to his.

According to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, the 28-year-old Wynter Court resident reported early Saturday that he had been watching a football game at his 26-year-old girlfriend’s home in Comer when she received a phone call from her child’s father and told him that she had to leave and would drive him home. Both reportedly had been drinking.

The man reported that during the drive to Athens the woman ‘s car struck the median on Hull Road, at which time he grabbed her leg and told her that “she needed to straighten up." The woman became angry, accusing the boyfriend of pulling on the steering wheel and trying to kill her, police said.

The woman then stopped the car in the roadway, got out and went to the opened passenger door where she allegedly demanded that the man give him his money under the threat of cutting his throat with a pocketknife that she was brandishing, according to police.

The man reported that he surrendered his wallet and his girlfriend got back in the car and drove off towards her home in Madison County. He told police the wallet held $4,000 that his mother had given him to help with the girlfriend’s financial situation. He reported that she knew he had the money on him but did not know how much of it she would receive.

Police in Athens were unable to contact the woman by phone and sheriff’s deputies in Madison County did not find her at an address in Comer that the man provided for her, ACCPD said.

Further investigation was needed before seeking arrest warrants, according to police.

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