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Athens teen points gun at mother during argument

By Joe Johnson

An Athens teen was arrested Tuesday night for allegedly pointing a gun at his mother.

The incident happened shortly after 1:30 p.m. in the parking lot of Domino’s on Baxter Street, according to a heavily-redacted Athens-Clarke County police report.

While an officer was driving to the location, a dispatcher reportedly told him that shots had possibly been fired in the area

Upon arrival at Domino’s, the officer learned that a 16-year-old boy was in a car with his mother when they began to argue, at which time the teen got out and said he wanted to spend the night at his aunt’s house, according to the report.

When the 40-year-old woman tried to get her son back into the car, the teen pulled out a gun and pointed it at her, according to the report.

“(The mother) stated that she felt scared and that she did not know he had a firearm," an officer wrote in the report.

“While I was speaking to the mother,” the officer wrote, “another family member that was there was making a scene by telling us that we aren’t going to do our job.

“He also stated multiple times to us to not kill his cousin,” the officer noted.

When officers located the teen, behind a restaurant, he ran with the gun in his hand behind St. Mary’s Hospital and stopped when he came to an empty lot, according to the report.

Officers set up a perimeter around the boy and were able to safely detain him, the report noted.

Officers searched the area and located a loaded gun near where the teen was kneeling, according to the report. A few hours later, an officer who was canvassing the area on Baxter Street found two spent 9mm bullet cartridge cases.

The teen was arrested for aggravated assault, reckless conduct, possession of a pistol by a person under 18 years old, obstruction, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

The Department of Juvenile Justice advised police to detain the youth, and he was transported to the county sheriff’s office, according to the report.

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