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Athens woman charged with robbing sister

Sylvia Nicole Terrell

By Joe Johnson

An Athens woman was arrested Thursday night for allegedly robbing her sister for drug money, Athens-Clarke County police said.

According to a police report, the 37-year-old victim was a passenger in an SUV when the vehicle was nearly forced off of Harve Mathis Road when a car occupied by her 32-year-old sister, Sylvia Nicole Terrell, drove in front of the SUV.

The woman said that Terrell then banged on her window in the SUV, opened the door and she and her sister began pushing each other before Terrell took $340 from her purse and drove away in the car she arrived in, according to the report.

When officers located Terrell at her home on Magnolia Terrace, the woman reportedly explained that she had been high on drugs earlier and had not gone to work and was also caring for her sister’s children.

Terrell said she called her sister several times because she wanted to return the other woman’s kids and also because she loaned her sister money to buy drugs the night before.

“Sylvia said she has bills due in the next few days and that money is short right now,” an officer wrote in the police report.

When trying to arrest Terrell, the woman reportedly “began fighting and swinging her arms sat officers, straining and pulling against us as she was finally placed under arrest,” the officer noted in the report.

Terrell was charged with robbery and felony obstruction of law enforcement,

The driver of the car Terrell had been in was issued a court-only citation for aggressive driving, police said.

As of Friday afternoon, Terrell was being detained at the Clarke County Jail in lieu of bonds totaling $5,000.

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