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Man arrested for stalking wife at Athens motel

Bradley Todd Blair

By Joe Johnson

An Athens man last week was arrested for stalking after he was seen arguing with and chasing his wife outside a motel, Athens-Clarke County police said.

Bradley Todd Blair, 45, of College Station Road, was not supposed to have contact with his wife as a special condition of bond he was granted after a previous arrest for family violence aggravated battery, according to police.

An officer in an unmarked vehicle observed Blair chasing the 30-year-old woman outside the Bulldog Inn on Commerce Road at about 3:21 a.m. Thursday, police said, at which time the officer called for uniformed backup to respond.

Blair tried to run from the officers, but he was quickly caught, police said.

Noticing that as officers tried placing Blair into a patrol car the man’s body was twitching and he was not making sense when talking, an officer asked Blair if he had taken any kind of drug, and he responded that he thought he might have had methamphetamine, according to police.

In addition to the no-contact special bond condition, Blair was wanted in Jackson County for a felony probation violation that stemmed from a drug conviction.

Athens-Clarke County police charged Blair with felony aggravated stalking, simple assault and obstruction of a law enforcement officer,

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office placed a hold on his release from the Clarke County Jail.

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