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Man shot at Rolling Ridge Apartments

Updated: Apr 6

By Joe Johnson

A man was shot Thursday evening at the Rolling Ridge Apartments complex, and despite eyewitness accounts and video evidence the reason for the shooting remains unclear.

Dennis Lee Collins Jr. suffered a gunshot wound in which the bullet passed completely through his right thigh, according to police.

The 40-year-old victim said he had been shot without provocation by 18-year-old Maki Odai Grant outside of Building 14, according to police.

His girlfriend told police that she saw Grant run up on Collins before striking him with a pistol and then shooting him.

Officers reviewed surveillance video footage that showed Grant and Collins engaged in a fistfight before the gunshot was fired, according to police.

Although the victim changed his story several times, police said he was largely cooperative and agreed to press charges on Grant for aggravated assault.

Grant, who had active arrest warrants for probation violations, could not be located, police said.

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Our Police are great!

I can not imagine wading thru a constant stream of idiocy and changing stories.

Thankfully this situation seems contained.


Another day in Athens...

Respondendo a

Another day in any town in America…

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