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The Legality of Car Sleeping in Georgia: What You Need to Know

Whether driven by financial necessity, the thrill of a spontaneous road trip, or simply a long commute, there are times when sleeping in your car may seem like the best or only option. Before you do so in Georgia, it’s crucial to understand the legal complexities surrounding this practice. While Georgia doesn’t have a statewide law explicitly prohibiting sleeping in your vehicle, local ordinances and specific circumstances can significantly impact the legality.

Statewide Laws vs. Local Ordinances

Georgia lacks a specific state law that bans sleeping in your car. However, cities and counties throughout the state frequently have their own ordinances addressing issues like loitering, vagrancy, and trespassing. These local laws can significantly restrict where and how you can sleep in your vehicle.

Key Factors Determining Legality

Location: Where you park your car is the most critical factor. These locations are generally problematic:

Private Property: Sleeping on private property (like store parking lots or residential streets) without the owner’s permission is considered trespassing.

Public Parks: Many cities have ordinances prohibiting overnight stays in public parks.

Roadsides: Parking on the side of roads or highways can be dangerous and may violate traffic laws.

Behavior: Your actions while sleeping in your car can also influence legality. If you appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if you’re causing a disturbance, you’re more likely to draw attention from law enforcement.

Time Limits: Some areas may have restrictions on how long you can park in a specific spot. Overnight parking might be prohibited, even if sleeping in your car isn’t explicitly banned.

Safe and Legal Alternatives

Rest Areas: Georgia’s rest areas generally prohibit overnight parking or camping. However, taking short naps may be allowable. Always verify the specific rules for each rest area.

Campgrounds and RV Parks: The safest and most legal places to sleep in your car are designated campgrounds and RV parks. These often offer amenities and a more secure environment.

Parking Lots with Permission: Some businesses, like Walmart, may allow overnight parking in their lots. It’s always best to ask for permission from the store manager.

Important Considerations for Cities in Georgia

Atlanta: Atlanta has ordinances against loitering and vagrancy, making sleeping in your car potentially risky, primarily if you’re in a highly visible area.

Savannah: Savannah’s historic district has strict parking regulations, limiting the availability of overnight parking spots.

Augusta: Augusta may have specific ordinances on sleeping in public spaces or overnight parking within city limits.

Columbus: Columbus might have local regulations pertaining to parking duration and camping in public areas.

Athens: Athens, as a college town, could have ordinances related to loitering and public conduct.

Tips for Staying Safe While Sleeping in Your Car

Choose a well-lit area: Park in a location with adequate lighting for increased safety.

Lock your doors: Always secure your car before you fall asleep.

Keep valuables hidden: Avoid leaving valuables out in plain sight.

Inform someone of your location: Let a friend or family member know where you are.

Be mindful of your surroundings: Remain aware of any potential disturbances.


Sleeping in your car in Georgia can be a legal gray area. While not explicitly illegal under state law, local ordinances, your parking location, and behavior play a significant role in determining whether it’s permissible. To avoid any trouble, always research and understand the specific regulations for the area where you plan to sleep. Explore safer and more secure alternatives, and prioritize your safety throughout.

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