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Two injured in Barrow Co. plane crash

By Joe Johnson

A pilot and his passenger were injured Saturday morning when their single-engine airplane crashed as it attempted to land at Barrow County Airport.

Just prior to the beginning of the runway, the plane clipped an airport approach light pole, then struck the roofs of a few storage units at Barrow Mini-Warehouses in the 1000 block of Atlanta Highway Southeast, then fell to the ground on its roof, according to officials at the scene.

Deputies and Barrow County Emergency Services responded to the crash site at about 11:30 a.m.

The cause of the crash will be investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board, but a Barrow County deputy at the scene said a witness told him the small plane’s wing were wobbling prior to crashing.

There was a steady, strong breeze at the time.

According to the deputy, the plane’s owner was a passenger in the aircraft and his friend was the pilot. He did not know where they lived.

The pilot was transported by ambulance to the hospital with a visible head injury, he said, and the passenger, who complained of neck pain, was driven to the hospital by his wife.

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Jun 03, 2021


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