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Word of the day: Quag



Part of speech: noun

Origin: Middle English, late 16th century

A marshy or boggy place.

Examples of quag in a sentence

"The house was built on a quag, so the foundation was sinking."

"Louisiana is known for its quags, particularly near the coastline."

About Quag

This word stems from the Middle English “quabbe,” a “marsh, bog, shaking marshy soil.” This originates from the Old English “cwabba,” meaning “shake or tremble,” as with something soft and flabby.

Did you Know?

In addition to the usage of a marshy, boggy place, there’s a new technological usage for “quag.” On, a website that defines many informal, slang terms, “quag” is defined as a “word composed of ‘query’ combined with ‘tag.’ It indicates a ‘web search query’ that is also a ‘tag.’” — aka a “hashtag.” According to the website, “quags” are used in social search platforms to connect people who have conducted similar web searches so they can share knowledge about what they were looking up.

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