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“BAND OF BROTHERS” parachute jump goes wrong in Franklin County

Parachutist is stuck in a tree in Carnesville, Ga.

A practice parachute jump to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Band of Brothers 506th Infantry Paratroopers jumping into Normandy at the end of World War II went a bit wrong for three parachute jumpers Thursday.

All this week, veterans and others planning to participate in the Currahee to Normandy Mission have been in Toccoa at Camp Toccoa training to jump into Normandy on the anniversary of the Normandy invasion in June.

The mission is also being filmed to document the three phases of the Mission. The first phase being filmed was this week at Camp Toccoa.

On Thursday morning, eight volunteer parachutists boarded a vintage DC-3 airplane that took off from the Toccoa Airport to jump with the plan to land at or near Camp Toccoa.

However, the wind had other ideas.

According to Carnesville Volunteer Firefighter Garren Hall, a strong wind took three of the jumpers off course.

Hall said Franklin County is not equipped to rescue someone stuck 80ft up in a tree so they put the call out for help.

The other two jumpers got their parachutes stuck in trees, Hall said, but landed safely.

However, Hall said the jumper stuck in the tree had been there some time and there was a concern he would develop what’s known as Compartment Syndrome.

He said the jumper stuck in the tree is retired military and is expected to be OK.

The other jumpers were not injured.

For more information on the Currahee to Normandy Mission you visit the website at

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