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Programs that benefit many are not socialism

Social programs are not socialism.

Among the accusations that have been hurled this election year is that the Democratic Party is all about socialism.

I wonder how many people really know what socialism is. Its two

underlying premises are state ownership of resources and collective control

over the means of production. The Democratic Party supports neither.

social programs to improve conditions for middle- and lower- class America

are not socialism. Social programs, include the entitlements of Social

Security, Medicare, Medicaid, housing assistance, farm subsidies, welfare

assistance for those in need and a host of other programs too long to list.

Work programs from years past, such as the interstate highway system,

TVA and energy dam construction, were all social programs and helped

make America great. Unfortunately, the GOP seems to use the word

“socialism” to refer to any program that benefits the majority of society as a

scare tactic to make the unknowing and uneducated support its candidates.


Peggy Perkins


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