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Winder man shoots woman, kills self in domestic violence incident

By Joe Johnson

A Winder man shot and killed himself and a woman suffered a minor injury during a domestic altercation in which he shot a woman.

According to a press release from the Hall County Sheriff's Office, the agency was called to the 900 block of Sherwin Parkway in Buford just after 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday to investigate reports of an injured woman running into a warehouse in an industrial park.  

The initial investigation showed the woman and suspected shooter, identified as 32-year-old Steven Expose of Winder, were involved in a personal relationship, and also worked together,

When leaving work at the same time, they got into Expose's vehicle and began to argue, and as the woman tried to exit the vehicle,  Expose shot at her. He then returned to his vehicle and shot himself.

The woman suffered a grazing wound to her abdomen but did not require hospitalization.  Expose was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Was this on Feb 15? I was driving there that day for work and I’ve never seen cops go so fast through the middle lane. It was dangerously fast.

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Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson
26 feb 2023
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They likely thought it was an active shooter situation which would need as fast of a response as possible.

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