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Word of the day: Lucullan



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, mid-19th century

(Especially of food) Extremely luxurious.

Examples of lucullan in a sentence

"Everything about the suites at the Plaza Hotel is Lucullan."

"The convention ended with a Lucullan banquet."

About Lucullan

This word comes directly from the name of Licinius Lucullus, Roman general from the first century BCE, famous for giving lavish banquets.

Did you Know?

Lucullan marble, also known as Lucullite, is a specific marble colored dark gray by carbon found along the Nile River Valley in Egypt. It has been used in world-famous architecture and sculptures, including the geometric flooring of the Temple of Herakles in Malibu’s Getty Villa Museum and the Furietti Centaurs sculptures in the Capitoline Museums in Rome.

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