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CCSD School Choice Transfer Application Window for 2024-25 School Year Open Through April 30

The Clarke County School District's School Choice application period for the 2024-25 school year is now open. Now through April 30, parents/guardians of current CCSD students can apply for a transfer to a school outside their attendance zone, provided that space is available.

Schools Choice transfers are only available at schools where the district has determined there is available classroom space after all assigned students have been enrolled. This is based on a maximum class size formula provided by the Georgia Department of Education. Once a school’s maximum class size is reached, the school will be closed for School Choice enrollments.

Schools that are open for School Choice for the 2024-25 school year are listed below.

Elementary schools

● Barrow Elementary

● Bettye H. Holston Elementary

● Cleveland Road Elementary

● Howard B. Stroud Elementary

● J.J. Harris Elementary

● Whit Davis Elementary

● Winterville Elementary.

Middle schools

● Burney-Harris-Lyons Middle School

● Clarke Middle School

● Coile Middle School

● Hilsman Middle School.

High schools

Cedar Shoals High School.

To apply, the parent/guardian must complete either the elementary or middle/high school application linked below by April 30. If the number of applications exceeds the spaces available at a particular school, selections will be made by random lottery. Families will receive an email notification regarding their selection status by the end of May. If selected for School Choice, the parent/guardian must accept the transfer by June 14.

Follow these links to submit a School Choice application for an elementary school: English / Español. Follow these links to submit a School Choice application for a middle or high school: English / Español. General Provisions

● Only students currently enrolled in CCSD may apply for a School Choice transfer. If a student is selected for a transfer and subsequently moves outside CCSD or is withdrawn for any reason, the School Choice enrollment will end at the time of the move or withdrawal. If the student re-enrolls in CCSD, a new School Choice application will need to be submitted.

● If the student receives special education services, the parent/guardian may only apply for a School Choice transfer to a school that offers the services required by the student’s current Individual Education Plan (IEP). CCSD is not required to develop the services at the requested school as long as they are available within the district.

● Parents accepting School Choice transfers are responsible for timely transportation to and from the selected school. Bus transportation will not be provided to students attending out-of-zone schools.

● All out-of-zone assignments, including School Choice enrollments, are contingent upon good attendance and behavior and can be revoked if these conditions are not met.

● Any high school student transferring under School Choice must meet Georgia High School Association requirements to participate in competitive interscholastic activities. The parent/guardian should contact the high school’s athletic director to determine if a transfer would result in the loss of athletic eligibility.

● Students enrolled through School Choice may continue to attend that school until all grades of the school are completed, provided that they remain residents of CCSD. Students must re-apply for School Choice when moving from elementary to middle or from middle to high school.

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Mark Millin
Mark Millin

The School Choice application period for the 2024-25 school year in the Clark County School District is open until April 30. Parents/guardians of current CCSD students may apply to transfer to schools outside their attendance zone if space is available. For a successful study, it is also recommended to use services for support in learning Such a resource will help you to learn the material successfully and pass it perfectly.

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