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Help Classic City News continue reporting about the local news you want to read about

Updated: Aug 12

By Joe Johnson

Classic City News has been reporting about local Athens events since May 2019,

CCN is a one-person endeavor that comprises Me,Myself, and I, bringing 37 years of journalistic experience to bear.

The metrics show that there are over 11,000 people who regularly access CCN's stories for free from its Facebook page to keep fully apprised of local newsworthy events and occurrences.

When beginning this alternative Athens news source it was my hope that, in addition to having people subscribe through monthly donations, some readers might choose to make one-time or recurring donations.

Donations are the only thing that keeps this not-for-profit venture afloat, by assisting me in paying for operating expenses as well as astronomical, mounting medical bills (I've previously written about my ongoing medical struggles, so I won't bore you with them again).

If you are inclined to help, go to the top of any CCN story, where you will see a a yellow Donate button. Click it and a black box will appear, saying Donate With PayPal, but when clicking on that box you will see that you are given the option of paying by credit or debit card.

Thank you, and regardless of any response this solicitation generates I will continue publishing the local news that the people of Athens want and have come to expect from Classic City News.

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