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Illegal open carry areas in Georgia: Know the restrictions

Georgia is one of the 46 statesthat allow for the open carry of a firearm. Individuals must be at least 21 years of age and obtain a state permit.

Having a permit to open carry doesn't mean that you can exercise this right anywhere. Here is the list of places in Georgia where you cannot open carry.

  • School Property - You cannot open carry on school premises, including buses. This includes college and university campuses as well as school residence halls and dormitories.

  • Churches and Places of Worship

  • Courts of Law - You cannot open carry in any Georgia courthouse or facility where court is being held.

  • Government Facilities - It is illegal to open carry in any state-owned (and most county-owned) government building.

  • Active Polling Area - You are not allowed to open carry during elections and must be at least 150 ft from any designated polling station to open carry.

  • Prisons, Correctional Facilities, or Detention Homes

  • Airports - It is illegal to open carry in secure areas of airports.

  • Mental Health Facilities

  • Sporting Events Authorized individuals such as law enforcement officers and members of the military are exceptions.

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I was gonna write a lengthy screed about how sad gun totters are. But they wouldn't get it. So I won't.

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Paul Bunce
Paul Bunce
24 Απρ

Then there are the places, such as WalMart, where open carry is legal, but idiotic. I'm entirely in favor of the 2nd amendment and have had a concealed carry permit for over 50 years. I've also never found it necessary to show that weapon in public. I find many weapons restrictions, such as not allowing my 2 inch long pocket knife in a court house, to be ludicrous. What am I going to do, hold an entire court house hostage with a finger nail cleaning tool? And not allowing concealed carry on campus is what got Laken Riley killed. But flaunting a gun in a public place where anyone can snatch it out of your holster just isn't very smart.

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I always carry mine concealed. It’s not smart to carry it out in the open.

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So the state is aware that open carry is bad enough to NOT allow it on government property, but wishes you luck at the grocery store.

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