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Georgia needs vote-by-mail system

Georgia citizens, beware of some new Republican shenanigans regarding the May primary. (Ga. House Speaker) David Ralston can lie all he wants, but there is no truth to his preposterous “what I really meant was…” claim that absentee voting encourages voter fraud.

He seems to be scared Republican candidates will lose.

Truth is, they face little to no competition in the primary but they’re plotting in the proverbial smoke-filled room to put off our constitutional voting rights and disenfranchise GA voters across the board. If anything, a large turnout of absentee voters in GA going forward will just prove what many in the state have been saying all along---GA needs nothing more than a simple vote-by-mail system like so many other states use.

Tell our representatives in Atlanta that you demand your constitutionally guaranteed election come May 19. I certainly will. This 70-year-old trained poll worker is willing to work the polls in May to ensure our democracy is safe and we have choices on both sides of the ticket.

Phillip Tomporowski


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