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Woman crash lands into house after allegedly flying high on Athens roadway

By Joe Johnson

An Athens woman recently was transported to the hospital after her car drove off of Mitchell Bridge Road and crashed into a house at the bottom of a cliff.

Athens-Clarke County police said prescription pills and marijuana were found inside the wrecked vehicle.

The incident reportedly happened at about 9:15 p.m. Jan. 3 when a car being driven by 42- year-old Stormy Howard ran off of Mitchell Bridge Road and "launched off the roadway...and flew approximately 63 feet and collided with a house," according to a police report.

The report indicates that after leaving the road, the car had gathered "so much momentum that it literally jumped over an entire stairwell that was about fifty-five feet long and still had enough momentum that it smashed into the sidewalk, breaking it, and kept on rolling until it struck a house."

Police said three Mason jars filled with marijuana were found in plain sight within the vehicle and a prescription bottle of Xanax was located during a search. She indicated that she took two of the pills a day.

Howard complained of neck and hip pain and was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center. She initially agreed to have her blood drawn to be tested, police said, but withdrew her consent when the phlebotomist arrived.

Howard was charged with driving under the influence of multiple substances, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, driving too fast for conditions, and removing license plate to conceal the identity of a vehicle. According to police the 2003 Honda Pilot had displayed a "fake test drive license plate" to conceal that the car had not been registered since 2020.

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Well is she in jail or not?


So they cant prove she was driving under the influence if they don’t have bloodwork…she‘ll just plea down to reckless driving and possession. She is lucky to be alive and I hope they got her some info on where to get help.


2003 Honda Pilot. Better living thru drugs.

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